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Ordinary Income to Total Assets Ratio(%)
Operating Income to Net Sales Ratio(%)
Net Income to Shareholders Equity Ratio(%)
Net Assets Per Share(yen) 1,004.381,002.291,131.411,066.841,094.83
Cash Flows from Operating Activities 88,50163,017109,259125,219108,024
Cash Flows from Investing Activities 15,201-63,497-140,391-53,824-141,749
Cash Flows from Financing Activities -74,419-55,24852,822-3,28816,175
Cash And Equivalents at End of Period 184,770130,028165,160217,791181,144


※Operating Income to Net Sales Ratio = Operating income/Net sales

※Net Income to Shareholders Equity Ratio(ROE) = Net income/Average shareholders' equity