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Amino Acid FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Amino Acids

General Questions about Amino Acids

What is the difference between an amino acid and peptide?

Proteins are made up of hundreds of thousands or sometimes even millions of amino acids. Peptides are made up of only a small number of amino acids.

How are amino acids absorbed in the body?

Proteins are absorbed into the body through the gut. However, proteins first need to be digested and turned into peptides and amino acids before they can be absorbed.
Most dietary peptides are broken down in the gastrointestinal tract in simple amino acids.Then, they are transported into blood and reach the organs in our body.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are essential for human life. Amino acids support the different functions of our bodies.
The proteins in our bodies are made up of 20 amino acids.

Why are they called amino acids?

Amino acid refers to a substance with an amino group and carboxy group.

What do amino acids do for us?

Amino acids produce the taste of food and keep us healthy. For example they are used for sports nutrition, medicines, beauty products and they reduce caloric intake.

What happens if I have an amino acid deficiency?

An amino acid deficiency can harm normal growth. In extreme cases it can be life-threatening. As long as you eat a normal diet, you should be getting enough amino acids. However, recent studies suggest that persons who do intensive sports and the elderly are at risk of having amino acid deficiencies.
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Will consuming too many amino acids make me gain weight?

Amino acids have four calories per gram. This is the same amount of calories as glucose, an element of table sugar.
However, if you take amino acids as supplements, only small amounts of amino acids are consumed. So they are low in calories, and you are very unlikely to gain weight from them.

How to Take Amino Acids

Will taking more amino acids increase the benefits?

If you consume more amino acids than your body needs, the excess amino acids are broken down and leave your body as waste.
Just like taking any other nutrients, if you consume more amino acids than what your body needs, it can be a burden for your body.

Can we not get enough amino acids just through food?

If you are eating a normal diet, you should be getting enough amino acids. However, eating foods with a bad nutritional balance or not eating enough food, for example by dieting, can lead to amino acid deficiencies or imbalances.
Hard exercise burns specific amino acids in the body. If you do hard exercise, it can be very beneficial to take amino acid supplements.
Supplementing with specific amino acids can also increase the amino acid levels in your blood. This improves various functions in your body.

What foods are good for getting a balanced intake of amino acids?

To make sure you get enough essential amino acids and in a good balance you should eat staple foods such as rice or bread together with a good balance of foods such as meat, fish, eggs and soy.

What is the difference between taking amino acids in food and taking amino acids in supplements?

Proteins are digested in the gastrointestinal tract and become amino acids. These amino acids are then absorbed by the body. It takes time to ingest and absorb proteins. Amino acids can be directly absorbed, and so are absorbed more quickly than proteins.
Once absorbed, amino acids function without regard to their source. It doesn't matter if they are ingested in food or taken in tablet form or in drinks.

Is it safe to give amino acids to children?

Children can safely consume amino acids, but children who are still growing should generally get their nutrients through food.

Is it safe to drink amino acids while pregnant?

It is safe to consume amino acids while pregnant. However, you should ask your doctor about your nutritional intake during pregnancy.

Can I take amino acids if I am also taking medicine?

Amino acids are nutrients that make up proteins. Amino acids are widely consumed in regular foods. There are no risks associated with taking amino acids and medicines. However, please ask your doctor if you have any concerns.

I have health issues. Is it safe for me to take amino acids?

Amino acids are nutrients that make up proteins. Amino acids are widely consumed in regular foods. There are no risks associated with taking amino acids, but if you suffer from severe kidney dysfunction or phenylketonuria, you may need to restrict your amino acid intake. Please ask your doctor.

What amount of amino acids should I drink?

Amino acids are nutrients and not medicines, so there are no intake guidelines. Daily intake can also vary widely from person to person. However, it is a good idea to increase your amino acid intake if you do a lot of hard exercise. We suggest that you experiment to find the amount of amino acids that works best for you.
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Role of Amino Acids

I've heard that athletes supplement with amino acids. What are the benefits?

Amino acids are nutrients that make up proteins so they are essential to our everyday lives. Amino acids also make up the proteins in muscle and are very important for recovery from exercise. For these reasons, amino acids are widely consumed by athletes and those who enjoy sports and exercise.
Amino acids don’t need to be broken down like proteins do so they can be rapidly absorbed and utilize by the body. So they can be easily supplemented as nutrients when needed such as for sports.
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Will taking amino acids give me lots of muscle?

Amino acids provide the building blocks to make muscle. Weightlifters and bodybuilders often take amino acids. However, taking amino acids without exercising will not increase your muscle.

Is taking amino acids considered doping?

Amino acids are already part of your body. Taking amino acids is not considered doping.

Is it true that amino acids moisturize your skin and hair?

Skin has a natural moisturizing factor to prevent it from drying out and protect it from irritation. More than half of this natural moisturizing factor comes from amino acids and other related factors.
Amino acids are important for moisturizing skin and also help to moisturize hair.
Shampoos and treatments that are made with certain amino acids have been shown to promote moisture retention and make hair easier to brush.
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I often see shampoos and other products that are made with amino acids. Do amino acids help with cleaning?

Amino acid-based cleaning ingredients are made by adding amino acids to cleaning ingredients, to achieve a cleaning solution with mild acidity that is similar to skin.

Are amino acids used to make medicine?

Amino acids have many different functions in the body. Several amino acids have been found to have pharmacological effects against diseases. These amino acids are used as medicine.
Some amino acids are also used as intermediates in medicine.
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Do intravenous (IV) drips contain amino acids?

Not all IV drips contain amino acids. Patients who cannot take in enough nutrients orally after surgery are given high-calorie infusions. These infusions contain essential amino acids.
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