Find Out the Secrets of Amino Acids!

Beauty and Amino Acids

Amino acids helping to moisturize and increase barrier function

Beauty and Amino Acids

Skin is Made up of Amino Acids

Our skin is very delicate. We talk about skin age because we know how differences in our skin can make us look younger or older than our actual age.

Amino acids make up more than half of the natural moisturizing factor in skin, which forms the outermost layer of our skin and is called the "stratum corneum." Using amino acids helps keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy.

Structure of Skin

Amino Acids Are the Key to Moisturizing

Many factors can harm our skin including aging, skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, sudden temperature change such as when moving between air-conditioned indoors and the outdoors, and UV radiation. These factors can cause a loss of moisture in the stratum corneum and the loss of amino acids that are natural moisturizing ingredients. The amino acids that act as natural moisturizing factors include serine, alanine and glycine. When applied to skin a formula containing a mixture of these amino acids penetrates down to the fifth layer of the stratum corneum, making the skin more moist.

Total Amino Acids in Stratum Corneum after Applying Amino Acids to Skin
Based on research by Ajinomoto Group

Using Amino Acids to Restore Skin Function and Achieve Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Applying a cream containing 22 amino acids including serine, proline and arginine to the skin was found to be effective in retaining moisture and the barrier function of the stratum corneum. Amino acids help maintain the stratum corneum and draw out the inherent function of skin, contributing to the normal turnover (replacement) of skin cells to achieve beautiful skin. Used as essential ingredients in skin cream amino acids can promote the inherent barrier function of skin.

Barrier Function of Stratum Corneum after Applying Amino Acid Cream Containing 22 Amino Acids

Based on research by Ajinomoto Group