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Immunity and Amino Acids

Immunity is the body's built-in protection mechanism

Immunity and Amino Acids

What is Immunity?

Immunity is the body's defense mechanism against pathogenic bacteria and viruses that enter the body. In other words, immunity is the human body's built-in ability to protect itself and affects our overall health. Our immunity decreases as we get older. In addition, hard exercise and excessive stress can lower our immunity.

Taking Cystine and Theanine to Increase Immunity

A study was done to examine the benefits of taking cystine and theanine for preventing colds during the winter when people often catch colds. The study examined 176 adult males and found that in the group that took cystine and theanine fewer people caught a cold. There were also fewer complaints of cold symptoms such as chills and fever. This shows that taking amino acids can increase immunity and prevent colds as well as reduce the symptoms if you do catch a cold.

Number of Persons Catching a Cold

Number of Days Contracting a Cold

graphSymptom: Runny NoseSymptom: Sore ThroatSymptom: ChillsSymptom: FeverSymptom: Joint Pain

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