Basic philosophy

The Ajinomoto Group positions corporate governance as one of the most important aspects of its management foundation for strengthening the ASV Management and achieving our “Vision for 2030”. Furthermore, in order to enhance the effectiveness of ASV Management, we select a “Company with Three Committees” that clearly separate supervision and execution by balancing “supervision of appropriate execution that reflects the opinions of stakeholders" and "business execution with a sense of speed.” The Board of Directors consists of a variety of Directors, discusses and examines important management matters that greatly affect our corporate value, encourages risk-taking of execution by indicating a major direction, verifies the validity of execution processes and results, and appropriately supervises execution. On the other hand, the execution, the Chief Executive Officer who has been greatly delegated authority from the Board of Directors will take the lead in making decisions for important business execution at the Executive Committee, will realize sustainable enhancement of corporate value as One Team.
Recently, in the changes in the external environment comprehensive risk management is important than ever. We honestly comply with the Ajinomoto Group Policy (hereinafter, “AGP”) that shows the ideal way of thinking and action that Ajinomoto Group companies and their officers and employees should comply with, continue to develop and properly operate our internal control system, strengthen our system that considers sustainability as an active risk-taking system, and continuously enhance our corporate value.

Corporate Governance Framework

Directors, Auditors and Corporate Executive Officers