Basic philosophy

The Ajinomoto Group has passed down the commitment of its founding to improve people’s nutrition through umami seasonings that make simple foods taste better. We have achieved growth consistently since our founding through initiatives that create both social and economic value through our businesses. We call these initiatives the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Values (ASV.)

The Ajinomoto Group positions corporate governance as one of the most important aspects of its management foundation for accelerating its ASV efforts and achieving its vision to become “Solution-Providing Group of Companies for Food and Health Issues”. While continuously working to establish an effective corporate governance system that balances “supervising appropriate execution to reflect stakeholders' opinions” and “flexible decision making and execution,” the Ajinomoto Group sincerely maintains the “Ajinomoto Group Policy” (hereinafter referred to as “AGP”), which shows the behavior and way of thinking that Ajinomoto Group companies, their officers, and their employees should follow. The Ajinomoto Group believes that continuation to work on the establishment of internal control systems and their appropriate operation and to deepen dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders will lead to solve “issues that the society of 21st-century are facing” through our business, as well as to become the foundation of ASV which continuously raise corporate value.

Corporate Governance Framework

Directors, Auditors and Corporate Executive Officers