Essential amino acid-enriched whey protein increases the efficiency of the production of muscle mass with training

In order to to increase muscle mass and strength, it is essential to take in adequate nutrition, and sufficient rest in addition to training. Protein, a nutrient being paid special attention, has been increasingly utilized recently. However, many people may feel that if they take it after exercising, it will fill them up and affect their next meal. Many people may feel this way.

"Essential amino acid-enriched whey protein (EAA enriched WP)" can help dealing with this issue. With only a small amount of EAA enriched WP, muscle mass and strength can be enhanced in the same way as normal amount of protein. This section explains the secret of " Essential Amino Acid-enriched Whey Protein."

1. If not combined with adequate diet or rest, is training ineffective?

Training is now commonly incorporated not only by people who play sports but also by other individuals for health and losing weight. However, some people may not observe significant effects of training. In such cases, it is recommended to review your diet and whether adequate rest is being taken.

In order to effectively increase muscle mass and strength through training, you need to consume enough protein in your daily diet. By taking adequate rest, the muscles become thicker and stronger as a result of the training. However, unfortunately, if nutrition and rest are not adequate, the effect may not be commensurate to the effort.

2. Is it difficult to consume enough protein from the diet?

Sixty percent of our bodies are composed of water, and about half of the remaining 40%, or 20%, are made up of protein. Therefore, even people who do not play sport should consume 1 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (60 grams of protein per day for people weighing 60 kilograms). Athletes or people who exercise almost daily require 2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight (120 g of protein per day for a 60 kg person) 1). If you try to obtain this amount from food, you may also consume unnecessary fats simultaneously. Hence, we have focused on proteins (supplements). People who exercise need help to consume the amount of protein required by the body.

1) Koshimizu et al., The Japanese Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics. 64: 205 -298, 2006.

3. Protein-related problems can be solved by utilizing essential amino acids!

Recently, various types of proteins are being consumed, including whey protein, casein, and soy protein. However, there seems to be a problem about the quantity of such protein: the amount taken at one time is so large that you feel full after taking it. Hence, we focused on the function of essential amino acids and examined whether we could solve the problems associated with such proteins.

The proteins in the body are composed of 20 kinds of amino acids. These are divided into 9 essential amino acids that cannot be made in the body and 11 non-essential amino acids that can be made in the body.

Studies have showed that the combination of amino acids contained in protein, rather than the amount of protein consumed, is important for the efficient production of protein in the muscles.

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows the rate at which muscle proteins are produced and the difference depending on amino acid combinations. Comparing the use of 6 g of amino acids containing both essential and non-essential amino acids with the use of a 6 g preparation containing only essential amino acids, it was observed that the use of only essential amino acids resulted in a faster rate of protein production.

4. Effects of training with a quarter of the amount of protein! Essential amino acid-enriched whey protein

By utilizing essential amino acids, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. found that a significantly reduced amount of essential amino acid-enriched whey protein (EAA-enriched WP) is equally effective as the amount of conventional protein consumed to obtain the desired effect (Fig. 2).

Figure 2

Typical effective protein doses involve approximately 15-20 grams per dose; however, the use of essential amino acid-enriched whey protein enables a reduction to just 4 g (approx.).

5. Increase the training effect in terms of enhanced muscle mass and strength, and reduce the amount of fat at the same time!

Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the "essential amino acid-enriched whey protein" when used in combination with training. The training was performed to measure changes in the body, either with normal protein or with 'essential amino acid-enriched whey protein'.

Figure 3

As a result (Fig. 3), it was confirmed that the weight and muscle mass increased even in the group that consumed the "essential amino acid-enriched whey protein" similar to the group that consumed conventional protein. In addition, in the group consuming essential amino acid-enriched whey protein, fat mass reduction was also observed.

Figure 4

Figure 5

As shown in Figure 4 and Figure 5, equivalent effects were observed in terms of muscle mass and strength in each region, and the effect of the " essential amino acid-enriched whey protein" was confirmed.

6. Sufficient meals can be eaten by reducing the amount consumed in the form of protein.

One of the problems with conventional protein products is that they make you feel full after you take them. Essential amino acid-enriched whey protein does not make you feel full as the dose is reduced and subsequent meals can be consumed sufficiently.

We have explained that sufficient nutrition is necessary to fully take advantage of the effects of training. However, most of the nutrition must be consumed via the diet. Therefore, it is very important to avoid not eating enough.

Figure 6

The questionnaire (Fig. 6) shows that essential amino acid-enriched whey protein does not cause early satiety after ingestion and does not affect the next meal.

7. Even a small amount increases muscle mass and strength, which helps to build the body!

Essential amino acid-enriched whey protein is equivalent to about a quarter of the amount of conventional protein (the amount deemed effective), and increases in body weight, muscle mass, and muscle strength are the effects of training. It was also found that the effect on meals was minimal.

Essential amino acid-enriched whey protein, combined with a well-balanced diet, helps build an body efficiently!

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