'Cystine/Glutamine Mixture' Prevents Fatigue When Exercising!'

Prolonged or intense exercise may cause the body to feel heavy or tired. Most sportspersons experience this at some point. These problems cannot only be attributed to the muscle damage caused by exercise but also to the entire body damage. This induces a decline in the condition of the body causing it to fatigue more easily. The amino acid "cystine/glutamine mixture" helps to reduce damage to the whole body. Here, we will explain the functions of these two amino acids that help in maintaining a satisfactory physical condition every day.

1. Depending on the duration and intensity of the exercise, damage to the whole body and the abdomen may result, leading to an individual experiencing body fatigue easily...

Daily exercise is good for your health. However, prolonged or intense exercise can damage many parts of the body. Muscle tension and muscle pain are well-known symptoms. However, perhaps many people suffer from body heaviness and fatigue. What is the underlying reason?

Figure 1

As shown in Figure 1, when you exercise, your body sustains damage. Many people know that damage to the muscles can cause inflammation leading to muscle tension and muscle pain. Inflammation is a normal response that originates to protect the body from stresses such as intense exercise. However, if the inflammation is too severe, pain and swelling may occur. This inflammation is not only observed in the muscles but also the entire body. If inflammation is observed in the entire body, fatigue is experienced more easily, and it is difficult to perform as expected1), 2).

It can be difficult to notice, but prolonged or intense exercise may also cause damage to the abdomen3).

Damage to the abdomen alone is a major problem for sportspersons, but such problems can worsen the overall inflammation of the body. This leads to an inability to perform according to expectations.

2. It is important to reduce damage to the abdomen owing to exercise!

Let's take a look at "damage to your abdomen."
Intense exercise can also cause damage (inflammation) to the abdomen (such as the stomach and intestines). This state can reduce the body's ability to protect the abdomen. Exercise leads to gaps between cells and cells lining the intestinal mucosa, and foreign substances (bacteria and toxins made by bacteria) in the intestine enter the bloodstream. This leads to an aggravation of inflammation throughout the body since these substances are transported in the body via blood (Fig. 2).

Figure 2

When this happens, health deteriorates and an individual is likely to experience fatigue. Hence, it becomes difficult to achieve the expected performance.

Therefore, physical exercise is associated with damage throughout the body, damage to the abdomen, and an inability to perform as expected. The fatigue that sportspersons always feel may be caused by damage to the abdomen. As a result, the problem spreads throughout the body. Hence, it is important to care for your body daily.

3. Two amino acids, 'cystine' and 'glutamine': A focus on their efficacy in preventing damage!

Amino acids "cystine" and "glutamine" prevent damage to the whole body (Fig. 3).

Figure 3

Cystine is composed of two cysteine molecules bonded together. Cysteine is one of the 20 kinds of amino acids that make up proteins in the body. It is abundant in foods such as chicken and helps protect against various stresses.

We sought to determine the effect of cystine on the inflammation caused by oxidative stress. Cystine was effective in reducing intestinal damage caused by oxidative stress.
Glutamine is the most common of the 20 kinds of amino acids. However, it is used in large quantities during intense exercise. It enhances immunity and protects mucous membranes such as those lining the stomach and intestines.

A study has demonstrated a reduction in intestinal damage caused by heat stress by glutamine. Glutamine is effective in reducing intestinal damage caused by heat stress.

If cystine and glutamine are consumed together, you can protect your abdomen during intense exercise.

4. Cystine/Glutamine mixture prevents abdominal damage caused by exercise

A study has demonstrated that the Cystine/Glutamine mixture protects the abdomen. Adult men were divided into a group that consumed the "cystine-glutamine mixture" daily and a group that consumed a mixture devoid of these amino acids to determine how the abdomen was damaged upon exercise (Fig. 4).

Figure 4

In the control group, exercise caused damage to the intestinal mucosa accompanied by a decreased ability to protect the abdomen. However, in the group that consumed the amino acids, these changes were suppressed. In other words, we were able to confirm that by consuming amino acids, the effects of exercise leading to abdominal damage were suppressed.

5. It is important to care for your abdomen daily, reduce damage, and maintain good health!

The experimental data described so far show that the "Cystine/Glutamine Mixture" prevents damage to the abdomen caused by exercise. In other words, we can expect to prevent fatigue caused by reduced physical condition by preventing damage to the entire body and the abdomen.

The cysteine/glutamine mixture helps with the daily care of your body during exercise and in maintaining good physical health.

▼Here are the challenges associated with amino acids.
Is the damage sustained in the whole body and the abdominal area the reason for fatigue due to exercise? What you should know in order to achieve optimum performance!

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