About the Company

The Ajinomoto Group Continues to
Resolve Social Issues from a
Global Perspective

"Eat Well, Live Well." As this founding aspiration, which has been valued for a century, shows, the Ajinomoto Group is not simply a company that manufactures and sells products. Our raison d'etre is to create new value in response to the three social issues of healthy spirit and body, food resources, and global sustainability, and to contribute to the lives (Quality of Life) of people rooted in the customs and dietary cultures of Japan and other regions around the world. The Ajinomoto Group continues to take on the challenge of resolving social issues through its business activities on the world stage, and is now aiming to become a "global genuine specialty company(GGSC)."

We want to meet new colleagues who share
common values and maximize our potential.

Amid a rapidly changing and uncertain environment, the Ajinomoto Group's challenges are only supported by people. We have the following human resources policy.

"From a global perspective, our most important thing is to contribute to food and health, and to a better life for tomorrow."

The Ajinomoto Group's greatest asset is its diverse human resources. The important mission of the Human Resources Department is to link the growth of individuals to the growth of the company, with each and every employee putting emphasis on the growth of individuals, who have attractive strengths that go beyond race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and so on.

In terms of work, we will newly establish a "three entry fill" that respects the individuality and career plan of each individual. All employees, regardless of their literature, scientific departments, and other departments, will be able to develop careers in which the professional area is available to them as soon as possible. Based on these strengths, we will cultivate human resources who are able to broaden their areas of expertise in horizontal areas, human resources who are able to cultivate specialized areas in vertical areas, and professionals who possess a wide variety of individual strengths.
The development of individuals has been a culture and strength since our founding. Growth opportunities are provided to all employees. Nevertheless, it is the employees themselves who take on the challenge of creating new value in this environment and continue to hone their careers without neglecting to make ceaseless efforts.

In terms of Life, through work style reforms, an increasing number of employees are shifting to densely focused ways of working that deliver results in a limited amount of time and spending meaningful time on their own. Working-style reforms that allow employees to choose their time, place, and freedom correspond to various lifestyles. It leads to the ability of diverse human resources to gather and play active roles, which in turn creates a "cycle" through which new value is created.

"We Ajinomoto Group never stop searching for
our members strength and continue to
leverage each members talent.

The Human Resources Department has been handed down a long line of words, "We Ajinomoto Group never stop searching for our members strength and continue to leverage each members talent.
We want to meet with good colleagues who share the same values. When we have a good partner, we contribute to the creation of a rewarding workplace in which each employee can take on challenges without fear of failure and grow at all times. That is the mission and existence value of our Human Resources Department.

The future of the Ajinomoto Group is created by employees. We believe that the growth of each and every employee leads to the growth of the company and contributes to social.

I am looking forward to meeting with those who have a strong aspiration and passion to share this philosophy and values and deliver "Eat Well, Live Well." also lead people, society and World!

The issues faced by human society in the
21st century with Food and Amino Science.

Since marking the world's first umami seasoning AJI-NO-MOTO® in 1909, the Ajinomoto Group has been providing a variety of food-related solutions as a global food company. Flavor seasonings, menu seasonings, soups, beverages, frozen foods, and other products cover a wide range of products, ranging from household use to commercial use. In addition, through many years of research and development, the Company has developed its own amino science business by leveraging the diverse functions of amino acids in a wide range of business areas. We continue to provide new value in a variety of fields, including new biomaterials, animal and plant nutrition, medical care, health and nutrition, and chemical products. Through these businesses, we resolve the issues faced by people and social in the 21st century, and contribute to better food and health for our customers around the world, as well as to better living tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

Since its founding, the Ajinomoto Group has consistently worked to resolve social issues through its business activities. By creating value that is shared with society and local communities, the Group has raised economic value and led to growth.
This initiative is called ASV (Ajinomoto Group Shared Value), and we have established the "Our Philosophy" philosophy system that positions ASV as the core for realizing our mission and vision.

Three entry fields

Ajinomoto KK has three entry fields. I believe that there is a story in which you imagine the dreams you want to realize, the jobs you want to challenge, and the careers you want to build. Using your strengths and the advanced expertise you have learned, you can pioneer your own career and grow vigorously. Ajinomoto Co., Inc. has a wide variety of fills that are unique to Ajinomoto KK. Select and enter the path that leads to your story.

※ In addition, entry field can also be applied together. For example, you can apply for "R&D" and "sales / marketing" to those who are still worried about not being able to select a career.

  • R&D, R&D and
    • We are taking on the challenge of creating new "taste," "materials and technologies," and "the future" to contribute to the healthy lives of people around the world and the resolution of global social issues through food and amino science as a "top runner" in the value chain.

    • Food Products (Domestic Food Products, Overseas Food Products)

      In the area of seasonings, processed foods, and health care foods, we aim to be No. 1 in deliciousness in each country by developing original ingredients, developing new manufacturing methods, developing technologies for evaluating and analyzing products, business quality assurance functions, developing and commercializing new products, developing applications for commercial-use products, and making proposals to customers. We will also develop production technologies for industrialization, automation, and efficiency of manufacturing processes, design and construct new factories, and pursue more efficient production methods based on IE (Industrial Engineering). We will also design systems that are optimized as a whole by organically linking the functions of raw materials procurement, production, logistics, and sales to production bases in Japan and overseas.

    • Life Support (Chemicals, Electronic Materials, Animal Nutrition)

      Based on our world-class expertise in amino acids, our high-safety ingredient development capabilities, and blending evaluation technologies, we are developing technologies and products for the animal nutrition business, which reduces the burden on soil and water quality by improving the balance of feed amino acids, and for the electronic materials business, which contributes to improving the performance of PCs and tablets. We will also contribute to manufacturing by creating a sustainable production process that satisfies all aspects of quality, environmental harmony, and economic efficiency.

    • Healthcare (around leading edge biomedical, health and nutrition)

      Utilizing biotechnology and bio-production technologies, we are exploring the potential functions of a wide range of organisms, from microorganisms to human beings, and making maximum use of the functions of enzymes. At the same time, we are developing technologies for the production of useful substances and production processes. In this way, we are providing a diverse range of materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and technologies to pharmaceutical and chemical companies around the world. We are also conducting research on the nutritional and physiological functions of these useful substances in cells, animals, and people. At the same time, we support our business activities by obtaining and providing academic information after the launch of products and services.

  • Sales / Marketing
    • The Ajinomoto Group's mission is to fulfill the "anchor" of the value chain and to address the challenges and needs of consumers and business partners by delivering "value" that is indispensable to people's lives, such as taste, nutrition, and health, through Ajinomoto's products and services.

    • Food Products (Domestic Food Products, Overseas Food Products)

      In the area of seasonings, processed foods, and health care foods, we aim to be No. 1 in delicious taste in each country by analyzing data on diversifying consumer needs and lifestyles using our extensive local and customer-adaptive marketing and brand power. We conduct product development, marketing, strategy formulation, sales promotion planning, customer communication, and sales activities.

      In addition, we will contribute to the creation of healthy living through delicious and healthy foods for consumers by offering proposals that help to develop new needs and resolve problems for consumers through products and applications with unique technologies for domestic and overseas processed food manufacturers as well as for the HMR and restaurant industries.

    • Life Support (Chemicals, Electronic Materials, Animal Nutrition)

      Based on our world-class expertise in amino acids, our ability to develop safe ingredients, and blending assessment technologies, we formulate and manage business strategies for the Animal Nutrition Business, which contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by improving the productivity of livestock and marine products and reducing environmental impact, and for the Chemicals and Electronic Materials Business, which contributes to the realization of a comfortable life for people around the world.

    • Healthcare (around leading edge biomedical, health and nutrition)

      Our strengths are our ability to respond to regulations and provide services for amino acids and other products by leveraging advanced bioscience and fine technology, and we are engaged in product development, business strategy formulation, and business management in order to provide diverse and distinctive materials, APIs, and technologies to pharmaceutical and chemical companies around the world.

      We also contribute to improving quality of life and healthy living for consumers around the world by leveraging our knowledge in amino acid functions and usefulness, our ability to explore new applications, and our ability to provide customized pharmaceutical services to develop foods with function claims and amino acid supplements, as well as to support the development of pharmaceuticals.

    • Marketing

      Working as a leader in the value chain, Ajinomoto KK creates new value (brands) by leveraging its extensive local and customer-adaptation marketing capabilities and proprietary technologies cultivated over many years in response to the needs and issues of consumers, countries, and local communities.

  • Corporate
    • As a business partner in the value chain, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. is committed to accelerating business growth by formulating strategies that maximize management resources and performance, such as human resources, brands, goods, money, information, and intellectual property, and by leveraging the advanced expertise (functions) of each business.

    • DX

      The Ajinomoto Group designs and builds an IT infrastructure environment that is safe, secure, and global in order to make full use of information, an indispensable resource. In addition, based on ICT such as IoT and big data analysis, we are engaged in a wide range of operations, unit value chain innovation in marketing, production, and sales.

    • Finance and Accounting

      Formulate and execute financial strategies for the Ajinomoto Group as a whole. The Ajinomoto Group's main activities include business activities around money, fund procurement, investment and financing, financial risk management, cash and foreign exchange management for Ajinomoto KK, and domestic cash management system management.

    • Legal and Intellectual Property

      The committee provides legal advice on a group-wide and global basis, prepares and reviews contracts, responds to litigations, establishes the Ajinomoto Group's rules, and promotes compliance. We also provide legal support for M&A and other projects in Japan and overseas.

    • Human Resources and General Affairs

      We plan and operate systems and measures to create a vibrant and rewarding workplace environment, including an environment where diverse human resources, who are most important, can develop their own careers and grow, diversity, health management, and promotion of work style reform.

    • Communications

      The Ajinomoto Group plans, formulates and implements strategies for media publicity activities. The Ajinomoto Group conducts a variety of activities, including publicity for newspapers, magazines, and websites; IR for shareholders and investors; nutrition publicity for schools and consumer groups based on the Ajinomoto Group Nutrition Policy; and in-house publicity for Ajinomoto Group employees.