The Ajinomoto Group has been engaging in initiatives to resolve social issues through its business. By improving economic value through the creation of shared value with local communities and society as a whole, these initiatives have contributed to the Group’s growth. These kinds of initiatives have been named ASV (The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value). By further advancing these ASV initiatives, the Group believes it can realize its goal of becoming a “Genuine Global Specialty Company.”

To realize greater wellness for people all around the world, the Group has defined three material issues, “health and well-being,” “food resources,” and “global sustainability” as 21st-century human society issues to be resolved through its business and has developed a four-part story for value creation that will act as its approach to resolving issues in these areas.

To develop its business activities, the Ajinomoto Group has engaged in dialogue with external experts and identifies the materiality items that have a substantial impact on the Group’s ability to create value through ASV in light of the current business environment.


Social Issues to Resolve and Values to Create as The Ajinomoto Group

 Contribute to resolve social issues with our businesses, leading to economic value and sustained growth

 【 Explanation (Relationship of three social issues and ASV Value Creation Stories)】


With regard to Health and Well-bing, recent changes in lifestyles have weakened family and social bonds.This, combined with insufficient nutritional information, have reduced the amount of care devoted to cooking and eating, and led to nutritional imbalances. We believe that we can use approaches we are uniquely positioned to implement to contribute to the resolution of these nutritional imbalances, which can lead to lifestyle diseases.  We will use our technologies and umami-based seasonings to produce delicious and healthy meals which match local dietary cultures, tastes, and ingredients, and provide protein and vegetables.

Food is not merely a way of taking nutrition.  We also wish to share the joy of eating together, bringing families and people together through eating.Smart cooking -- enjoying cooking despite time constraints and being able to cook easily -- will create spare time, supporting more diverse lifestyles.

With regard to Food Resources and Global Sustainability,  we will effectively utilize resources in all stages of the value chain, from procurement and production to delivery to customers and consumption, contributing together with society and our customers to local communities and our planet.

These value creation efforts, 1-3, are supported  by the heart of the Ajinomoto Group way, our global top class talents. These talents maintain a customer-oriented perspective and collaborate with various regional stakeholders to create new value.

Materiality of the Ajinomoto Group

Realationship between ASV and ESG


ASV Value Creation Stories


 We contribute to health and well-being 
  by utilizing our leading-edge bioscience and fine
  chemical technologies which
  also leads to deliciousness technologies,   
  and by delivering good and healthy food


 We contribute to the development of a society
  that enables strong family/social bonds and
  diverse lifestyles
through eating well


 We contribute to the sustainability of the society
  and the earth, with our customers 

  and local communities, across the value chain 
from production to consumption


 We co-create value with each region through 

  the perspectives of the customers, with our 
global, top-class and diverse talents  

Ajinomoto Group's FY2020 Integrated Targets

Create social/economic value through our business based on ASV Value Creation Stories

  ASV Value
Creation Stories 
Social value
(Ajinomoto Group-wide targets)
Economic value  Integrated Value
Social ①Health & well-being through good and healthy food
②Strong social bonds, diversity of lifestyles

Better nutritional balance by eating more proteins and vegetables with umami

Meats and vegetables consumption

Total sales

¥1,350 bil.
(+¥260 bil.)

Corporate brand value*²

1,500 mil.USD or more
(+850 mil.USD or more)


More eating together

Contribution to eating together

Smart and delicious cooking

Spare time created

People's comfortable lifestyle

Contribution to comfortable lifestyles (AminoScience)
Environmental ③Living with the society and the earth Resolution of environmental issues
Resolution of environmental issues

Cost reduction
▲¥10 bil.*¹


Governance ④Co-creation with our diverse human resources Improved employee engagement
Employees with high engagement
Higher work efficiency supported by ICT
▲¥2.5 bil.*¹

※1 Comparison between FY16 and FY19;
※2 Measured by Interbrand, "Japan's Best Global Brands 2016" (based on FY15 results)

Ajinomoto Group-wide targets from the viewpoints of ESG