The Ajinomoto Group's New Medium-Term Management Plan: Unique Ways to Create Value

With the aim of becoming one of the top ten global food products manufacturers by 2020, the Ajinomoto Group is implementing structural reforms and pursuing faster growth. Under the FY2014–2016 Medium-Term Management Plan, the Group is targeting even greater growth, with the goal of becoming a "Genuine Global Specialty Company."

Key principles of the FY2014–2016 Medium-Term Management Plan

Dr. Kikunae Ikeda 
Saburosuke Suzuki II

Since its founding in 1909 by Dr. Kikunae Ikeda and Saburosuke Suzuki II, the Ajinomoto Group has contributed to healthy lifestyles worldwide by providing products that make food more delicious and nutritious. In the process, it has also, of course, created economic value.

Global sustainability 
Food resources 
Healthy living

The Ajinomoto Group was founded on the aspiration to help people "Eat Well, Live Well." With the change in times and the expansion of its business, the Group enlarged this vision to include not just its products and services, but also all of its processes and its entire global value chain. The Group will continue to work together with local communities around the world to build a healthy, sustainable future.


Pursuit of specialty 

Become a group of food companies with added specialties,
driven by cutting-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies

Growth driver advancement 

  • Global growth
  • Food products sold in Japan: Secure stable growth by creating value for increasingly personalized and diverse consumer needs
  • Food products sold outside Japan: Achieve robust growth and expand into new markets centered on the "Five Stars"
  • R&D leadership
  • Pursue the science of deliciousness and expand outlets using world No. 1 seasoning technologies
  • Create specialty materials using original cutting-edge biotechnologies and commercialize advance treatments

Business structure reinforcement 

  • Shift from bulk business to specialty business and pursue further structural reform including external partnerships in the pharmaceuticals business
  • Strengthen cost competitiveness with resourcesaving fermentation technology
  • Enhance capital efficiency to boost shareholder value and ROE

Management foundation reinforcement

  • Global governance:
    "An HQ that leads" and "local operations that can run on their own"
  • Well-established base of global human resources:
    Form a group of 200 next-stage global management personnel and local specialist resources
  • Open New Sky:
    Make daily efforts to fiexibly use external capabilities and expand into adjacent domains with a wider approach

Under the FY2014–2016 Medium-Term Management Plan, the Ajinomoto Group is pursuing
structural reform and striving to further advance its growth drivers,
positioning the concept of "specialty" as the key. The Group is also continuing to strengthen its management foundation, with the goal of becoming a "Genuine Global Specialty Company."

Our Business Direction

The Ajinomoto Group aims to become a food company group with specialties driven by cutting-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies, and supported by its two primary businesses in consumer foods and AminoScience.

At the Ajinomoto Group, the term "specialty" refers to the high added value born from the combination of tangible strengths such as strengths in materials based on cutting-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies, and intangible strengths such as the ability to identify customer needs and create customer value. The Ajinomoto Group leverages its specialty strengths in both of its main primary businesses: consumer foods and AminoScience. By continuing to offer the kind of innovations that only the Ajinomoto Group can, the Group seeks to provide significant social and environmental value, which is the goal of the "Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value" initiative. The Group recognizes that this is the key to becoming a "Genuine Global Specialty Company," delivering on the Ajinomoto Group Philosophy, and becoming an indispensable partner to customers and the broader society.

Strategic targets

Global reach of the Ajinomoto Group (As of March 31, 2014)